A downloadable game for Windows

A rumor was spreading across the land about a princess alive in a abandoned castle. It is said that she grants one wish to anyone who enters her castle, only to find them not return from the castle. Many think that the rumors are bogus, but there are a few who still believe that it is true. 

Princess Wish is a Hack and  Slash Action RPG that is about a traveler venturing into the princess castle. 

Install instructions

1. Click on the Download button below.

2. Once the  game has been installed, Run the file and then Extract it on your computer.

3. Once the game is extracted, open the Princess Wish folder on your Downloads folder (or the folder where you download the game) and click on Game (the one with a dragon symbol)


Princess Wish 190 MB


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Short, but nice! I wish we got the princess tho

Short, but nice! I wish we got the princess tho